Why we're different

In 2015 we set up a workshop with the best digital printing equipment for wool and cashmere that we could find. We've supplied contemporary and luxury fashion brands, and also individual artists and designers.

In 2021 the drop in demand due to COVID and for other reasons we decided not to renew our lease and dispersed the equipment, so we are not printing at present. But we are still selling products that we've printed, so please check out our shop. We may re-establish the printing, so please stay in touch by following us on Instagram @faeringltd


Coloured with care

Made responsibly in the UK with minimal carbon emissions

The most sustainable product is the one that you want to keep for ever. 

So our first aim is superb quality and a design that meets your expectations. 

Almost all of our materials are woven or knitted in the UK, usually from yarn spun in the UK or Italy. 

Pattern and colour bring vibrancy and interest to clothing,  but printing and dyeing are environmental hotspots that need to be managed responsibly. Simply doing this in the UK is a good start because of advanced regulation and environmental controls compared to many developing countries.

We are 100% renewably powered, so our carbon footprint of our workshop is less than one tenth of an individual UK person. 

Our digital print process is low-waste and uses water-based inks that meet the requirements of most ecolabels. We print with dyes so the fibres feel beautifully soft. The the prints have excellent wash fastness also.

We have a few  limited editions of upcycled printed blankets and scarves.

Our approach is based on the best science available. Faering has been part of Mistra Future Fashion, the world's largest research programme on sustainable fashion, is a member of the Future Fashion Factory research programme, and is a supporter of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan.